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The Author

  • Fantasy & Urban Fantasy Author

  • First found his voice as an author at age eleven

  • Favorite part of writing is crafting the character dialogue

  • Suffered a mass loss of back-up data on a hard-drive, containing his first 3 novels to soon be published in 2013 

  • After remaining positive, he was able to reach the point of publication again in 2017 with the novel Caster's Spell

Personal Life

  • Based in Southern California

  • Raised in a loving family, alongside two brothers and five sisters

  • Previously competed in Track & Field as a student athlete

  • Currently balancing his primary career with one of the top tech companies, and his passion for writing novels

  • His other hobbies include:

    • Gaining knowledge on real estate investing

    • Finding creative ways to raise awareness around cancer research

    • Training in the martial art of Muay Thai


About E.D. Watley


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